Adding rod holders to Kayak

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

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For my birthday this year my wife bought me a angler kayak.  I wanted my wife to be able to go fishing with me (and yes she actually wants to go with me).  We bought her a little less expensive kayak from WalMart.  It was a Sun Dolphin Kayak.

But it wasn’t a fishing kayak.  So it didn’t have any rod holders.  One of the first upgrades we did was to add a couple of rod holders.  We ordered Floor Pack of 2 Flush Mount Canoe Kayak Fishing Rod Holder with Gashet Cover Cap from Amazon.  It was around $10 for two rod holders.  That’s much cheaper than Wal-Mart or anywhere else.

I hadn’t noticed before, but the kayak had marks on it like it was made to have rod holders installed.


Just like the nipples, there are three screw holes.


Those little nipples tell you where to drill.  I ended up using a hole saw aligned with the center nipple.  Then I could insert the rod holder and drill the other holes.


So I drilled the hole out with the hole saw with the drill straight up and down.  Well this didn’t turn out too good.  The rod holder has the hole at an angle.  You can see from this picture, why the angled cut is important:


So to get around this, I decided to use my Dremel Tool to make the circle more of an oval to match the rod holder.


After making the circle into more of an oval, the rod holder fits perfect.


Now I just need to drill the holes for the screws.  Turns out the three holes don’t match the nipples exactly so it is a thing I didn’t drill them first.


Once the screwholes are drilled, the rod holders come with specific screws.  They aren’t actually screws.  You need an Allen Wrench to tighten them.   I assume this is so you don’t overtighten them with a Battery operated driver.


Here’s the finished product on the first side:


Now I’m ready to install the second rod holder, but now I’ve got a little better experience.  My goal was to drill the hole with the drill angled so it would create an oval.


So doing this made the rod holder fit a little better, but it still wasn’t 100%.  I had to use the Dremel Tool again.


Now the Rod Holder fits perfectly.  Time to drill the screw holes and put in the screws.


Here’s the finished product.  Overall these rod holders are awesome.  I love the rubber lids to keep water out.



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