Fence Part 2

Posted: June 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

I previously posted about having to work on my fence.  Fence

I’ve put in a little more work.  I started working on the cap.  But ran out of time.  I ended up power washing the fence and a week or so later (had a small vacation in there somewhere) my wife and I started staining the fence.

Here’s a picture after we stained it.


Here’s a pic of the difference the stain makes.  I turned the corner on the fence and the wind picked up.  We are using my Rockler HVLP sprayer to spray it.  It does really good. But a lot of wind makes it really a mess.  Plus my neighbor had his car parked in his driveway.  Didn’t want to get stain all over his car.  Even though we were using the sprayer we did go over every thing with a brush too.  It just smooths the paint out.  Any runs get taken care of and any missed areas get taken care of.   My only issue with the HVLP sprayer is the small container.  It seems I could get one panel done before I had to stop and refill the container.


So while working on the fence, a few neighbors have stopped and asked what was so bad with my fence.  They couldn’t understand why I got a letter.

Here’s what the fences on my street look like:

neighborhood fences 1neighborhood fences 2neighborhood fences 3

And here’s my fence:

my fence 2my fence 3

To be honest, my fence didn’t look too bad until lately.  I remember most of my neighbors had re-stained (or had it re-stained) last year.  They all informed me that they received letters last year.  So they did what they had to do, but it made my fence look worse.

But while I”m going through the process, I need to clean up the inside of my fence too.  The HOA doesn’t complain about this, but I’m tired of looking at it.

myfence 1

Here’s a couple of pictures of me working on the fence.  This is what I was putting the first part of the cap on.


working on fence from drone

In the above picture (from my drone) you can see my Sawstop Jobsite saw.   This thing makes me feel so safe when cutting.  I wish the technology was available in my Miter Saw.  But I just have to be careful.

working on fence

There I am putting the top part of the cap on.  I wish I would have finished all the work back then.  It is so much hotter now.  Texas is non-forgiving.




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