New Plinko – Pinball Plinko?

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

I was at VMworld 2017.  Walking through the Vendor area, I saw a lot of familiar games.  Plinko and game wheels were everywhere…

These are easy to buy from Amazon:

WinSpin 24″ Tabletop Spinning Prize Wheel 14 Slots with Color Dry Erase Trade Show Fortune Spin Game

Prize Drop

Here’s some links to my other posts where I showed how I built my own game wheels and Plinko games:

Bigger Game Wheel

Wheel of WOW

Plinko Game Construction


So the Plinko games have been around forever.  But one I saw at VMworld had added something different.  Instead of just dropping the puck at the top, you shot it into the playfield like a pinball game…


There are 7 prize options at the bottom.  But there was one up top (has the PD by it).  If you could land a puck in there, you won one of every prize.   I really love the idea of making it like a pinball game.  When I get back home, I’m going to work on building one like this….




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