Random Garden Ideas

Posted: August 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

I like building things.  My mom moved in with us last year after my dad passed away.  Every weekend, she tells me I should just sit around and relax.  She just doesn’t understand, that isn’t relaxing to me.  I sit at work all week long.  The last thing I want to do on my offtime is sit around (unless a football game is on).

I relax by being in the garage building something.  When I’m not building something for my wife, I like to build stuff for the yard.

I love to recycle old fence panels into things for the garden.  Here’s a pic of one of my boxes made from old fence boards:



So years ago, I had built this vertical garden.  Just kinda came up with the idea myself.  Never seen anything like it.


I ended up posting it on Ana White’s site.  This was about the only DIY type site I looked at back then.


From that point on, it kinda took on a life of its own…


Here’s a pic from Rocker’s Facebook post during an Outdoor project contest.  My pic is featured on the upper left hand.  I thought maybe that meant I was going to win.  But no such luck…



Here’s a pic from Facebook which has a variation of my pic on it.  I’ve seen my actual pic quite a few times on Facebook typically where they are trying to get you to buy the big lot of plans.  I always wondered if they actually had plans to build mine.  Or if it was just an attention getting pic…




I’ve seen quite a few pins on Pinerest with my pic.  I love the person that copied it in the above picture.  They even copied the lantern…  But they added a second lantern.  Great Job.  I guess copying/cloning is the greatest form of flattery?  Mine was reclaimed fence boards.  His wood appears to be new cedar, but either way.  Very nice job.


here’s more pics of similar things from Pinterest, Lowes, Instragram.


I even see now where Lowe’s has a video on putting their up:


Wait.  I’m still waiting on Lowe’s to send me the Royalty check…  : ^ )



A bing search turns up this image.  My pic is in the lower right hand box.

verticalFunny thing, this page gives a link to the DIY instructions.  This would have been nice since I didn’t take time to make any.  But the page link is dead…   No such luck.




Here’s my original pic:



Here’s a few other pics.  These are some raised beds I built.  I had to add the fencing to keep the bunnies out.





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