Guess That Picture – Animated ProPresenter 5 Game

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

So after using the game from my previous post, we decided we needed smaller boxes.  This would make it harder to guess the picture.  So we decided to go with a 8 by 8 grid.  Problem is that’s 64 boxes to remove.  if we have the kids come up one by one and remove a pic it would take forever.  So we decided to make it automatically remove the boxes. So I made a video in PremierePro that contains alpha channel.  So you have your picture as the background and the disappearing boxes as the foreground…   Anyway, the ProPresenter 5 exported bundle is below:



This is a larger file because it contains the MOV video.  Since it is MOV, I’m not sure how it will work in a Windows version of ProPresenter.  We no longer have one.  We upgrade our Kid’s Church computer to a Mac Mini…


Soon, I’ll post a YouTube video on how to download/install/run the game in ProPresenter…


Here’s a pic from the game in ProPresenter 5.


Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.39.07 PM


Let me know if you have problems or good feedback.






  1. JJ says:

    Is the game no longer available? The link does not work.

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