Break My Heart Game – Part 2

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

I spent some time tonight working on the Break My Heart game that we’ll use this coming weekend.

I pulled out one of the Matchy Madness boards:


I stopped by Dollar Tree to look for buckets to use to hold the prizes.  I found this as a possible solution.  It was close to the correct size.  Maybe a little small though.


I went ahead and tried to put it on the board to see how it worked.

WP_001267   WP_001268

It kinda fit, but the screws just barely fit around the edge of the opening.  So I wasn’t happy.  Once the tissue paper was put in the opening, I wouldn’t be able to see where to put the screws.  I’m sure I would end up splitting the wood.  So I went to a different Dollar Tree.  This one had a different bucket.  I originally had been looking for buckets only that had a decent lip so I could screw into the lip and secure it to the game board.  But I found the following bucket.


This bucket has almost no lip, but it does have a couple of handles that I can use to secure it to the gameboard.

Here’s a couple of the buckets positioned where they would need to go:


To secure the buckets, I’m using small screws and washers to hold down the handles:


Here’s the board with three of the buckets secured to the board:



So now I’m going to pull the buckets off.  I’ll let my wife cover the openings with tissue paper and fill the buckets with prizes.  Then I’ll put all 9 buckets in place.  The final step will be to build a stand to hold the gameboard at just the right height.  I’ll post pictures of the finished product this weekend.




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