Break My Heart Game – Part 1

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Me and my wife were in Arkansas a few weeks ago while my mom was having surgery.  Sitting in the hospital, we ended up watching a lot of TV.  One of the shows we watched (which I had never seen before) was The Chew.  At one point they had a game where people had to answer questions to earn turns to punch their hand into a game board to win prizes or get surprised by what was inside.  They called the game He Said, Cheese Said (the entire episode was about cheese).

Here’s a video link to the game.    When you go to this link, there is a link in the episode clips called “He Said, Cheese Said”.  That’s the link to the game.

Once we saw it, we looked at each other and decided it would make a great Kid’s Church game (with a few modifications).

So we started thinking about how to build it.  It sounded just like the game I made previously called Matchy Madness.  So we decided we would simply modify one of the game boards we used for Matchy Madness.

I grabbed one of the boards out of the shed.  Then I pulled everything off of it.  We’re now thinking through how to make the game work.  We’re proabably going to call it Break My Heart since we are starting a series on Love.  My wife came up with the idea to use Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker.  So we found a Karaoke version on Amazon.    I built a bumper with BluffTitler.  It’s a very east way to create 3D text.  My wife’s going to pull it into Premiere Pro and add the music and create the final video.

Once we get some more done, I’ll post some pics of the finished product.

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